Oversized Commercial Outdoor Planter Pots in Perth, WA

WG Outdoor Life offers the best range of big and oversized commercial feature pots and planters in Perth. Our planters are suited for both indoor and outdoor applications for commercial developers, urban, retail and hospitality spaces, and shopping centres.

Lightweight Outdoor Pots & Planters

Manufactured with commercial grade materials, our range of oversized outdoor garden pots and large indoor pots are both lightweight and strong, can be easily moved into place and are less costly than custom built options. We offer a wide range of styles, sizes and colours available in various materials such as polyethylene, lightweight plastics, concrete composite GRC and ceramic high-fire clay.

Indoor Plant Pots Perth

WG Outdoor Life stocks an extensive range of stylish indoor plant pots and planters ranging from small indoor pots to extra large indoor planters. Our range of indoor plant pots has been carefully curated by the WG Outdoor experts to suit a range of settings. From small plant pots for your home office to larger indoor pots for your living area.

Our Leading Brands of Indoor & Outdoor Pots

At WG Outdoor Life, no one does pots like us. We offer the leading brands in indoor and outdoor pots and planters, sourced from across the globe. We stock premium sturdy stone, concrete and cast-iron pots from Atlantis and Pietro Stoneware as well as lightweight designs from Serralunga and Litestone who utilise innovative technology to create practical and environmentally friendly plant pots.

Large Indoor Plant Pots Perth

At WG Outdoor Life, you will only find the best range of stylish large indoor plant pots in Perth. Our selection of premium indoor plant pots are expertly curated to suit a range of different home designs. With multiple styles and materials available, we can help you find the perfect large indoor plant pot for your home.

Extra Large Plant Pots Perth

WG Outdoor Life stock extra large plant pots suitable for bigger plants and trees. Available at our Perth showroom, our extra large plant pots are big enough for tree roots to grow correctly and are perfect for commercial areas and commercial use. With multiple finishes and colours available, we are confident that you will find an extra large plant pot that will suit both your outdoor setting and be large enough for your plant.

Browse Our Range of Oversized Commercial Pots & Large Outdoor Plant Pots at Our Perth Showroom

Explore our Osborne Park showroom today and be truly ‘outspired’. Our friendly team are on hand to assist you with all your oversized, large garden and indoor pots and planter needs. If you have an enquiry, contact us on (08) 9443 7993 and we will be in touch with you soon.