Litestone Garden Sphere

The Litestone Garden Spheres are available in 4 sizes and can be combined into a large or small trio, or place them individually around the garden.


The Litestone range of pots, planters and outdoor furniture is made from strong and light-weight GRC – A blend of fiberglass and concrete using a special technique to ensure strength and longevity. Reactive oxides are used to colour each sphere, providing a durable natural stone like patina.


With a huge range of sizes and designs, from table top bowls to large feature planters, the Litestone range is at the forefront of contemporary product design. Its lightweight nature makes it perfect for balcony and rooftop gardens yet is strong enough to suit commercial situations.


Approximate weight

300mm dia – 7kgs

480mm dia – 13kgs

600mm dia – 20kgs

800mm dia – 34kgs

  • Dimensions + Price
    • 300 mm dia  $130
    • 480 mm dia  $210
    • 600 mm dia  $390
    • 800 mm dia  $590
  • Colour
    • Weathered Cement
    • Coffee - Special Order

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