Litestone Pond and Pump Housing

    The Litestone Pond and Pump Housing / Pedestal are the perfect fountain accessories to create your custom water feature. Choose an urn or bowl and we can convert it into a customised one-of-a-kind water fountain for your garden. Available in various sizes and colours (some via special order) ask one of our water feature specialists to choose the right one for your feature.

  • Dimensions + Price
    • SmallPond 800x800x200mm H  $420
    • MediumPond 1000x1000x200mm H  $540
    • LargePond 1220x1220x200mm H  $660
    • Pedestal smlPH 420x420x145mm H  $100
    • Pedestal lgePH 560x560x145mm H  $145
  • Colour
    • Charcoal Black
    • Weathered Cement - Special Order
    • Coffee - Special Order
    • Rust - Special Order
    • Verdigris - Special Order
    • Stone Grey - Special Order

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