Messina Fountain

    The Messina Fountain is a contemporary water feature with a clever hidden water reservoir below. The water flows over the top plate, creating a smooth mirrored finish as the water gently trickles into the base below for a soothing sound. The Messina Fountain is a well balanced, stable fountain, suitable for commercial projects.


    The Messina Fountain is made from GRC – A composite material, consisting of high quality glass fibre and cement which makes it strong, durable, UV resistant and impenetrable to water. It is 75% lighter than cast concrete.

  • Dimensions
    • Small525 x 525 x 420 mm H
    • Medium800 x 800 x 420 mm H
    • Large1050 x 1050 x 560 mm H
  • Colour
    • Steel Grey

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