Old Stone Pickle Jar

    The Old Stone Pickle Jar is made using time honoured techniques. River clays are hand molded by artisans, then kiln fired in temperatures in excess of 1250 degrees Celsius for days on end. These unique vitrified planters and urns are then sandblasted to remove the smooth outer later, creating a sublimely textured, pitted surface, with raw character and a distinct earthy patina, highlighted with pink, red and chocolate hues.


    Our Old Stone pots come in a range of sizes, from small herb gardens right up to oversized planters that can hold large trees, palms or can be converted into eye catching water bowls and features.


    These dense and heavy pots, perfect for windy areas and commercial situations, are a great way to soften and add character to clinical contemporary spaces with their authentic natural look.

  • Dimensions + Price
    •  740 dia x 1050 mm H  $950
  • Colour
    • Old Stone

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