PAPS Vertical Garden System

    The PAPS vertical garden kit is a convenient way to grow plants in a limited area, allowing more floor space.  The Paps Vertical garden system is ideal for growing herbs and vegetables as they are so easy to plant and re-plant into.


    The Paps team have been working with leading commercial vertical garden systems and technologies since 2010. Their passion to develop an easy-to-install, durable and cost-effective green wall product to complement gardens and commercial spaces across Australia, through extensive consultation with leading horticulturalists and landscape designers, resulted in the launch of this innovative market leading vertical garden system.


    • Paps pots are UV stabilised, recyclable, easy to maintain and instal with an easy hook-on-hook-off design
    • Both the freestanding and wall mounted frames can be irrigated with a simple water efficient, drip irrigation system added to the frame.


    Wall Mounted Frame  

    Small – 630 W x 1250 mm H

    Large – 860 W x 1350 mm H


    Hanging Planter Pot    

    200 x 200 x 200 mm H



  • Dimensions
    • Small Wall Frame630 W x 1250 mm H
    • Late Wall Frame860 W x 1350 mm H
    • Freestanding Frame600 x 1635 mm H
    • Pot200 x 200 x 200 mm H
  • Colour
    • Steel / Plastic

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