Litestone Circa Table

    The Litestone Circa table is a mid sized outdoor table, perfect for four people. As there are no corners, it creates more space for people to move around and they are a more friendly and conversational way to dine. The round Circa table is perfect for smaller gardens or balcony gardens.


    With a huge range of sizes and designs, from outdoor stools to large dining tables, the Litestone range of outdoor furniture and planters is at the forefront of contemporary outdoor product design. Its lightweight nature makes it perfect for balcony, deck areas and rooftop gardens.


    About GRC

    GRC is a blend of fiberglass and concrete applied using a special technique, to ensure strength and longevity. Reactive oxides are used to colour each piece, providing a durable natural stone like patina. The exposed surfaces have been coated with a sealant that protects the concrete material and creates a hydrophobic layer that limits staining and scratching on the surface layer.


    The Litestone Circa Table is seen here with the Woven Cove White outdoor chairs.

  • Dimensions + Price
    •  1050 dia x 750 mm H  $599
  • Colour
    • Weathered Cement
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