Toki Floor Fountain

    The Toki floor Fountain is a free standing water feature with mesmerising water flow over the rippled surface. The feature can be viewed from all sides and is great for small courtyards and balcony spaces, taking up very little floor space. The Toki floor fountain provides a soothing sound as the water gently falls down the walls of the water feature. This fountain is easy to install and self contained, all you need is a power outlet within 10m (the length of the pump cord) and fill it with water.


    The Toki Floor Fountain is made from GRC (fiberglass reinforced cement) A composite material, consisting of high quality glass fibre and cement which makes it strong, durable, lightweight, UV resistant and impenetrable to water. It is 75% lighter than cast concrete. Pump, delivery and installation additional. White lime residue may appear on dry areas (such as the base) depending on water quality.


    Reservoir Sizes

    • Small  |  725 x 500 x 160 mm H
    • Medium  |  900 x 500 x 160 mm H
    • Large  |  1100 x 500 x 160 mm H
  • Dimensions
    • Small520 x 300 x 905 mm H
    • Medium700 x 300 x 1110 mm H
    • Large900 x 300 x 1400 mm H
  • Colour
    • Midnight Black

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