Corda Planter

    Large yet lightweight, our Corda planters adds a softness to indoor or outdoor areas, with durable poly-rope woven over an aluminium powder coated frame. All Corda planters come with a steel insert to contain the plants.


    Tactile Rope

    Rope is a durable, innovative and strong material and when woven through the lightweight aluminium frame, results in a unique contemporary look with a soft touch, creating a comfortable seating and stunning looks.


    Rope is made of thermoplastic polypropylene (PP) fibers and has been developed to meet requirements for outdoor furniture. It is engineered to endure extreme outdoor conditions such as sunlight UV exposure, extreme temperatures variances, mold and mildew. Rope is resistant to moisture, is colorfast, is washable and requires little maintenance.



    PL Rope has been designed to be as low maintenance as possible it is recommended to use a fabric and upholstery protector to give optimal stain resistance. This is usually applied as a spray. We recommend using Guardsman or 3M Scotchguard Protector. In order to spot clean the rope, apply a mist of soapy water solution with a spray bottle and then work the solution into the rope with a soft, light coloured cloth by blotting or using light pressure and short strokes. Do not abrade the rope with excessive scrubbing or by using a hard brush. Rinse the solution thoroughly and then blot the excess moisture from the rope using a soft cloth and allow to air dry. Never use a high pressure hose on PL rope.


    Small – 710 dia x 520 mm H (base diameter 502 mm) Insert diameter 360 x 500 mm H

    Tall – 590 dia x  895 mm H (base diameter 450 mm ) Insert diameter 310 mm x 800 mm H

    Big – 1010 dia x 760 mm H (base diameter 786 mm ) Insert diameter 640 mm x 700 mm H

  • Dimensions + Price
    • Small - 710 dia x 520 mm HSmall - 710 dia x 520 mm H  $695
    • Tall - 590 dia x  895 mm HTall - 590 dia x  890 mm H  $795
    • Big - 1010 dia x 760 mm HBig - 1000 dia x 750 mm H  $1195
  • Colour
    • Lava Black

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