Pietro Anduze Planter – Smooth

    The French Anduze planters or ‘Vases d’Anduze’, first appeared in the 16th century in the region of Anduze. By the 19th century they had been adopted by the wealthy. This version of the classic feature planter by Pietro, suits formal gardens, which never go out of style.


    The Pietro Anduze smooth planter is made from premium GRC – A composite material, consisting of high quality fiberglass and cement which makes it strong, durable, UV resistant and impenetrable to water. It is 75% lighter than cast concrete and 4 to 5 times stronger.


    Unfilled weight
    • Small 24 kgs
    • Medium 28 kgs
    • Large 40 kgs
  • Dimensions + Price
    • Small559 ø x 610 mm H  $680 - $780
    • Medium715 ø x 765 mm H  $895- $1030
    • Large889 ø x 991 mm H  $1595 - $1835
  • Colour
    • Limestone
    • Burnt Umber
    • Raw Slate
    • Aged Bronze
    • Black Smooth (Surcharge)
    • Real Bronze (Surcharge)
    • Iron Rust (Surcharge)

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