Pietro Asaki Round Fountain

The Asaki fountain is a contemporary garden water feature with a rippled column and self contained pond to contain the recirculating water. The water gently flows over the ripples and into the base creating a mesmerising shimmering effect and subtle sound.


The Pietro Asaki fountain is made from premium GRC (fiberGlass Reinforced Cement) – A composite material, consisting of high quality fibreglass and cement which makes it strong, durable, UV resistant and impenetrable to water. It is 75% lighter than cast concrete and has a stone like appearance.


Additional Information

  • As the Asaki fountain has a small reservoir, a reticulation overflow may be required to top up the feature every few days.
  • Ensure the fountain is installed on a level surface to ensure even water flow.
  • Unfilled weight tall 49kgs, medium 30kgs, small 30kgs, mini 25kgs.
  • Pump additional.
  • Best suited in areas protected from the wind.
  • Dimensions + Price
    • 495 x 495 x 1150 mm H  $1300
    • 495 x 495 x 850 mm H  $1150
    • 490 dia x 546 mm H  $1050
  • Colour
    • Black Smooth
    • Pure White
    • Burnt Umber
    • Raw Slate

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