Atlantis Lotus Bowl Planter

With a charming, rustic finish, the Atlantis Lotus Bowl planter is handmade from high fired clay stoneware giving it a rustic texture and organic look. Pieces from the Atlantis range can be used as both a beautiful artistic display piece and a planter for your favourite plant.


The Atlantis Lotus Bowl  planter is hand crafted, an echo from the lost city of Atlantis, works well in both classical and contemporary settings. The Atlantis range of pots and planter has been high fired which results in thick walls which makes them remarkable durable planters while they can also be converted into stunning garden fountains and water bowls.


These pieces are not easily copied by others. Each piece has a character of its own and unlike the soft terracotta base popular in the ancient originals our artisans use earthenware clay fired at high temperatures to achieve the best results, suitable for both hot and cold climates. Each piece is constructed from modern materials using contemporary techniques while bringing the aesthetics of ancient civilisations to your garden.


  • Unique texture and finish, no two planters are the same
  • High fired with thick walls for versatility
  • Can be converted into water features and lily ponds
  • Huge range of shapes and sizes to suit your area
  • Approx unfilled weight
    • Large 72 kgs


See the best range of Atlantis planters, urns and water features in Perth at our Osborne Park showroom today.


  • Dimensions + Price
    • 760 ø x 680 mm H  $1270
  • Colour
    • Atlantis Original

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