Table Sealant – Sure Seal

With bold looks, innate strength and distinct artisan character, our Litestone concrete tables are an essential statement piece for any outdoor space. When cared for properly your Litestone GRC table will bring you many years of use as part of your beautiful outdoor life.


To prevent heavy stains, from oils and acidic food and drinks its essential to seal your table prior to use with a clear stone sealant. We recommend Sure Seal in pressure pack form with matte or satin finish. To maintain the seal, it must be reapplied at regular intervals (roughly every 6 months for moderate use, 3 months for heavy usage).




Hold the aerosol can approximately 15-20cm away from the surface, press the button to apply a light even coat over the surface using a sweeping motion, overlapping sprayed areas for best coverage. Allow sealer to cure for at least 24 hours.


To clean treated areas, simply use water and mild detergent or any neutral (non acid) cleaner. Do not use harsh cleaning agents such as abrasive powders, ammonia, acids, bleach or abrasive scrubbing pads.


Sure Seal products are invisible once they dry on the surface, therefore, we recommend application of two coats in case an area was missed when applying the first coat.

  • Dimensions + Price
    • 300g  $29.50
  • Colour
    • Outdoor Table Sealant
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