Dewdrop Fire Sculpture

Dewdrop is an eye-catching sculptural fire pit thanks to its timeless design. The ideal blend between raw simplicity and pure outdoor luxury that provides 360 degrees heat.


Small, authentic moments of tranquillity are becoming increasingly rare in a world that’s moving ever faster. A little moment of connection and relaxation with your loved ones or friends is priceless.


Each Dewdrop is a handmade, functional work of art. Thanks to its clever design and light play, Dewdrops takes an evening around a crackling fire into a completely different dimension.



Dewdrop is made from the most durable and sustainable materials so they can guarantee the longest possible lifespan.  The choice for Corten steel ensures a lifespan eight times longer than ordinary steel. Corten steel owes its durability to its high-density oxide skin (rust layer). It shuts off the steel from the outside air and thus forms a protective layer between the steel and the natural elements. Please note, the oxide skin that gives Corten steel its unique character may cause a slight discolouration to sensitive surfaces in wet conditions. This is most likely when the oxide skin is still forming.

It’s best to place your Dewdrop fire pit – or any other object made of corten steel – on sand, gravel or grass.



The Dewdrop requires almost no maintenance. The only thing we recommend is to remove the ashes if you will not be using the fire pit for a long time.



With every purchase of a Dewdrop, Glowdrop donates to an organisation committed to nature conservation, which results in 25 trees being planted. Glowbus are committed to creating a phenomenal Glowbus Forest, tree by tree.

  • Dimensions + Price
    • 800 dia x 1200mm H  $8500
  • Colour
    • Corten Steel

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