Finbrella Umbrella | F-330

Made to stay, not fly away, our wind stable Finbrella collection is featured throughout some the coolest outdoor venues around town. Made with marine-grade materials and a patented UV, water and fade resistant Recacril fabric, these stylish investment pieces will make you the envy of the outdoor set.


The F330 is elegant and robust. Beautifully proportioned to provide a discreet and functional complement to the aesthetic of most any outdoor setting. The F330 closes above standard height tables allowing the convenience of usage and storage of this large umbrella in a single position.

The sublime F330’ s versatility and simplicity further distinguishes Finbrella from others.

Stocked Canopies are made with 5 year warranted Recacril fabric from the USA – 300 gsm, outstanding UV/water and fade resistance, coupled with ideal mechanical properties. Beyond our several stocked colours, custom colours and highest quality printing and branding can be readily supplied.

Made to stay, not fly away…

The Finbrella Wind-Stable Umbrellas are innovative outdoor shade umbrellas that are durable, high-quality and aesthetically remarkable. The Finbrella Umbrellas are constructed using marine grade materials, a beautiful selection of durable fabrics with a great range of accessories, for all types of installation requirements. Finbrella Umbrellas are perfect in the garden, at the beach, river, poolside or even on the back of a boat and have various anchoring options.

Design Principles


  • Finbrella Umbrellas are designed to allow free rotation of the canopy to respond to changes in wind direction. The ‘Fin’ acts just like a wind vance of windmill tail, turning and aligning the canopy to maintain the optimum position for constant wind-stability.
  • The anchoring systems, in conjunction with the revolutionary ‘Fin’ technology have been engineered and tested in one of the windiest cities in the world, Perth and can confidently handle strong coastal winds.


Highest Quality Outdoor Materials


  • Finbrella canopies are made from top rated Recacril and Olefin fabrics (UPF 50+) and are interchangeable so you can easily update your outdoor space.
  • Fine tuned to achieve strength and durability that will ensure years of trouble free, minimal maintenance use. Constructed using marine grade 316 stainless steel, resin coated aluminium, nylon-6 components, UV resistant thread and woven fabric.
Accessories and Upgrades
  • PROTECTIVE COVER  |  Made in cadet grey Recacril® 300 gsm solution dyed woven acrylic fabric. The internal placement pole makes for easy usage.
  • STAINLESS STEEL POLE UPGRADE  | Optional marine grade 316 polished stainless steel centre pole for an extra clean, durable and elegant aesthetic.
  • CANOPY UPGRADE  |  Additional $150 for non-standard canopy colours.
  • Dimensions + Price
    • 3000 dia x 2650 mm H (LPB)  $2495
    • Stainless Steel Pole Upgrade  $265
    • Protective Cover  $240
    • Canopy Surcharge  $150
  • Colour
    • Oyster White
    • Charcoal Tweed
    • Black + White Stripe
    • Black (Surcharge)
    • Linen (Surcharge)
    • Taupe (Surcharge)
    • Pistachio(Surcharge)
    • Navy (Surcharge)
    • Burgundy(Surcharge)
    • Red (Surcharge)

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