Glazed Collar Planter

The Glazed Collar Planter is an oversized feature planter with an endearing dimpled texture and luminous copper-look Metal glaze. The Collar Planter a twice fired ceramic pot with a unique patina to inspire and enhance your garden design.


Each piece has a character of its own, depending on where the piece is placed in the kiln during the firing process. We recommend viewing the planters in-store proper to purchase. These are artisan pieces, handmade to bring a unique texture and finish to each piece.


Approximate Weight (unfilled and uncrated)

800 dia – 95 kgs

500 dia – 36 kgs

  • Dimensions + Price
    • 800 dia x 800 mm H - Metal  $1020
    • 800 dia x 800 mm H - Opal  $1190
    • 500 dia x 550 mm H - Metal  $340
    • 500 dia x 550 mm H - Opal  $395
  • Colour
    • Glazed Metal
    • Glazed Opal

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