Landare Gumnut Planter

Reminiscent of the iconic woody seedpods hanging from the branches of swaying eucalypts, Gumnut is a copper coloured, upright planter that flaunts an eye-catching form, perfect for showcasing small trees and medium shrubs.


About Landare

WG Outdoor Life proudly presents the exclusive LANDARE collection, a venture by esteemed landscaping luminaires Tim Sarathip Chaichana (Senior Designer at Good Manors) and Grant Boyle (Landscape Designer and Director of Fig Landscapes). Featuring wood-fired clay pots that embrace the allure of ‘perfect imperfections’ inherent in luxurious artisan craftsmanship.


Our Landare pots are meticulously hand-thrown by local artisans in Northern Thailand, employing age-old pottery techniques. A fusion of clay, ash, and quartz, each piece undergoes an eight-hour slow baking in a wood-fired kiln, with varied kiln locations influencing the unique glaze colors, resulting in individually exquisite, rustic masterpieces.

Tim and Grant find inspiration in the vibrant, earthy hues of the Australian landscape. From the softly textured glaze of Banksia to the matte black elegance of Correa, the satin charcoal and copper patina of Corymbia, and Gumnut’s copper glow, each pot boasts distinctive colors and textures, making a bold statement destined to captivate any outdoor living space.


You won’t find these beautiful rustic pots anywhere else. Experience the remarkable LANDARE collection today at out Osborne Park showroom.


  • Dimensions + Price
    • 610 ø x 670 mm H  $995
  • Colour
    • Copper
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