Mona Self Watering Tanks

    These clever inventions are thrifty little water savers, storing water below and slowly rationing it to your thirsty roots over several days. So even if you’re away over long weekends or entire weeks, you know your plants will get their fill. Better still they hold the water in the tank so no more wet patches on your decking or delicate tiles.


    The Mona system can work with any one of our outdoor or indoor planters – just ask in-store for the best option for your plant.


    How it works

    The Mona Tank is an engineering masterpiece.


    1. Fill the reservoir by pouring water through the black downpipe that sits just above soil level (use your plants to hide it discreetly if you like)
    2. Water and oxygen are drawn upwards from the reservoir into the soil around the roots as needed (over time, the roots will grow into the reservoir)
    3. A float in the downpipe lets you know when it’s time to refill.




    Why you need Mona in your life…


  • Dimensions + Price
    • Mona Tank 11L 150ø x 65 mm H  $10
    • Mona Tank 22L 210ø x 65 mm H  $27.50
    • Mona Tank 44L 240ø x 100 mm H  $48.50
    • Mona Tank 66L 240ø x 150 mm H  $63.50
    • Mona Tank 1010L 390ø x 100 mm H  $88.50
    • Mona Tank 33L 630x130x65mm H  $93.50
    • Mona Tank 77L 550x150x100mm H  $124.50
    • Mona Tank 2424L 900x200x150mm H  $199.50
    • Mona Tank 2525L 420x420x210mm H  $235.00
  • Colour
    • Various
  • Downloads

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