Pietro Cylinder Planter

The Cylinder Planter by Pietro Stoneware exudes understated sophistication and pure design. Tailored for contemporary gardens and outdoor spaces, this planter captures the essence of clean lines and a timeless aesthetic. With a choice of 11 sizes and a plethora of colors, the design possibilities are boundless, allowing for seamless integration into diverse landscapes. The sable design, in particular, stands out as an ideal choice for accommodating larger trees and thriving in windy, exposed outdoor areas. Note the designers meticulous attention to detail, featuring recessed drainage and negative detailing on the bottom rim. This combination of aesthetic finesse and functional design not only enhances the overall visual appeal but also ensures practicality, facilitating ease of cleaning under the planter.


Sizing ranges from a modest 500mm diameter to the expansive 2.1 diameter meter option, the Pietro Cylinder Planter allows you to tailor your green haven to perfection. What sets this planter apart is not just its appearance but also its construction. Crafted from premium GRC (fibreglass reinforced cement), a unique blend of long strand fibreglass and concrete, the Cylinder Planter boasts a special manufacturing technique. This process involves chopping the fibreglass and adding the cement mix simultaneously, ensuring unparalleled strength and durability.







  • Dimensions + Price
    • 500 ø x 420 mm H  $749 - $815
    • 700 ø x 580 mm H  $880 - $970
    • 900 ø x 750 mm H  $1150 - $1265
    • 1000 ø x 1000mm H  $1650 - $1850
    • 1200 ø x 1000mm H  $2250 - $2475
    • 1800 ø x 1000mm H  $2640 - $2900
    • 2100 ø x 750mm H  $2750 - $3025
    • 2100 ø x 1000mm H  $3000 - $3300
  • Colour
    • Burnt Umber
    • Raw Slate
    • Limestone
    • Aged Bronze
    • Black Smooth (Surcharge)
    • Pure White (Surcharge)
    • Steel Grey (Surcharge)
    • Iron Rust (Surcharge)

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