Pietro Trough – Surrey Tall Giant

Drawing inspiration from the picturesque horse country of Surrey, our Surrey Trough Planter by Pietro Stoneware is a true embodiment of refined simplicity. This planter is designed with clean lines to accentuate the beauty of the plants it cradles. More than just a container, this high quality pot serves as an elegant divider for outdoor spaces, creating a harmonious balance between nature and design.



GRC is a blend of long strand fibreglass and concrete applied using a special technique that chops the fibreglass and adds the cement mix at the same time to ensure maximum strength and longevity.


Our GRC doesn’t reinforce the layers using steel which adds additional weight and can rust and expand over time, leading to cracking. Some other concrete products use natural fibres (like jute), which hold moisture and will rot over time.


The secret is using alkali resistant fibreglass and high-quality cement, allowing us to create thinner walls that make each piece much lighter and easier to move without losing any strength. Reactive oxides, water and solvent based paints are used to colour each piece, providing a durable exterior finish. The exposed surfaces are coated with a sealant that protects the concrete material and creates a water repellent layer that limits staining and scratching on the surface layer. Sealants should be applied on surfaces that get a lot of use, such as tabletops and bench seats.


Pietro is a premium grade of GRC and is meticulously hand finished to remove cast lines with consistent colour and finish.


  • Lightweight, yet strong
  • Pre-sealed internal walls
  • Huge range of styles and colours


Unfilled weight 118 kgs – 700L

  • Dimensions + Price
    • 1750 x 500 x 800 mm H  $2995 - $3295
  • Colour
    • Raw Slate
    • Burnt Umber
    • Black Smooth - Surcharge
    • Pure White - Surcharge
    • Steel Grey - Surcharge

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