Serralunga Bordato Illuminated Pot

Who could possibly resist these extraordinary illuminated pots from the esteemed Italian designer company, Serralunga? Crafted for enduring quality, they’re undeniably captivating. Whether adorning your balcony, backyard, or patio, they promise to transform your outdoor space into a botanical masterpiece.


With its passion for innovation Serralunga is renowned for pushing the boundaries of materials, technologies and aesthetics in order to create ground breaking products that both inspire and delight. The company’s eye-catching furnishings whether a sculptural planter or geometric table are conceived to be highly functional as well as beautiful, and attest to the firms supreme mastery of cutting-edge rotational molding processes. Significantly, these high-quality weather-resistant designs enable a natural and almost seamless visual progression from indoor to outdoor spaces, thereby considerably extending our living environments.


The Bordato Planter lights can be operated by touch screen remote controlled LED RGBW bulb (options for changing colours, programs and brightness – $35 ). IP67, 3 metre cord.

  • Dimensions + Price
    • 580 dia x 500 mm H  $520
    • 680 dia x 600 mm H  $729
    • 780 dia x 700 mm H  $870
    • 1100 dia x 1000mm H  $1854
    • Remote Control  $35
  • Colour
    • Translucent

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