Serralunga Cassero Planter – Long

Drawing inspiration from the rugged beauty of industrial concrete architecture, our Cassero Collection, envisioned by Patricia Urquiola for Serralunga, exudes boldness yet exquisitely balances elegance. Crafted from super lightweight polyethylene, these pots feature a distinctive hand-cast cement-like texture, effortlessly movable and harmoniously blending into any indoor or outdoor space.


The Cassero series draws its inspiration from the molds utilised in concrete construction, resulting in one-piece planters with a hand-cast cement texture, evoking the solidity of concrete structures.


Architect Urquiola’s vision for the Cassero collection extends beyond outdoor spaces, seamlessly integrating plants into interior decor. These designer lightweight pots serve as versatile accents, effortlessly bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor aesthetics, enriching every corner of your home.


Unfilled Weight

Long  11.5kgs

Tall   10.5 kgs



  • Dimensions + Price
    • 1000 x 480 x 500 mm H  $850
    • 600 dia x 700 mm H  $700
  • Colour
    • Impruneta
    • Origano
    • Salvia
    • Black
    • Anthracite
    • Bianco White

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