Serralunga Juju Velvet Table

    Juju sounds like a child’s game, but it also means a small amulet.
    Small size and simple shapes are the main features of this table. Stable , light and very easy to handle.

    A versatile complement with a playful aesthetic.


    We absolutely love this Italian company at WG. Serralunga pushes the boundaries to create ground-breaking products, made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), combined with leading technology and stunning eye-catching aesthetics from leading architects and designers from around the world.


    From sculptural planters to geometric tables, everything is designed to be not only beautiful but highly functional as well – they really have mastered the cutting-edge rotational moulding processes.


    The best bit is that these high-quality weather-resistant and lightweight designs enable a seamless progression from indoor to outdoor spaces.


    Additional Information
    • Material: linear polyethylene
    • Technology: rotational moulding
    • Approx weight 5 kgs
    • Packaging 610 x 610 x 550 mm H
    • This is a special order item. Lead times may apply.
  • Dimensions + Price
    • 520 dia x 500 mm H520 dia x 500 mm H  $900
  • Colour
    • Velvet Green - Special Order
    • Velvet Black - Special Order
    • Velvet Red - Special Order

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