Serralunga Otto Dog

Otto is a stylised animal, with an essential and ironic trait. His eyes are closed but he is not sleeping, he’s waiting and watching calmly, with indulgence. For centuries, dogs have had a place in people’s homes, as pets or as guard dogs. Otto finds his place in the garden or placed at front of the door, he acts as an ideal guardian of the home and offers guests a warm welcome.


With its passion for innovation Serralunga is renowned for pushing the boundaries of materials, technologies and aesthetics in order to create ground breaking products that both inspire and delight. The company’s eye-catching furnishings whether a sculptural planter or geometric table are conceived to be highly functional as well as beautiful, and attest to the firms supreme mastery of cutting-edge rotational molding processes. Significantly, these high-quality weather-resistant designs enable a natural and almost seamless visual progression from indoor to outdoor spaces, thereby considerably extending our living environments.


LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene), through-coloured made by rotational moulding process. UV rays protection. 100% recyclable. High mechanical resistance, made in great collision-proof plastic.

  • Dimensions + Price
    • 660 x 175 x 380 mm H  $290
  • Colour
    • Black
    • White
    • Salvia

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