Pietro U Planter

The Pietro U Planter presents a contemporary design, made from premium-grade, water-resistant, fibre-reinforced concrete (GRC). With a huge range if sizes to choose from, our Pietro U Planters encompass oversized selections ideal for highlighting grand feature trees. Ready for immediate use without the need for internal waterproofing, these planters combine lightweight construction with exceptional durability, making them suitable for commercial applications.


With a vast array of sizes and colors available, these planters are a designer’s choice, sought after for their enduring design and comprehensive warranty, ensuring longevity and peace of mind for any project.


Premium GRC

The Pietro range of outdoor pots and planters is made from a premium grade of GRC, strong and lightweight our planters are hand-finished to remove cast lines and to ensure the perfect colour and finish exceed expectations. GRC will outlast most other outdoor products in the market and is virtually impervious to the elements, promising years of loyal service.


GRC is a blend of long strand fiberglass and portland cement applied using a special technique that chops the fiberglass and adds the cement mix at the same time to ensure maximum strength and longevity.


Unfilled Weight

500 dia – 15kgs

720 dia – 27kgs

960 dia – 60kgs

1200 dia – 107kgs

1500 dia – 161kgs

1800 Dia – 202kgs


  • Dimensions + Price
    • 500 ø x 420 mm H  $700 - $770
    • 720 ø x 560 mm H  $865 - $950
    • 960 ø x 750 mm H  $1150 - $1265
    • 1200 ø x 900 mm H  $1445 - $1590
    • 1500 ø x 900 mm H  $1625 - $1790
    • 1800 ø x 900 mm H  $2570 - $2830
    • 2100 ø x 900 mm H  $3250 - $3575
  • Colour
    • Raw Slate
    • Limestone
    • Burnt Umber
    • Aged Bronze
    • Pure White (Surcharge)
    • Steel Grey (Surcharge)
    • Black Smooth (Surcharge)

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