Wandoo Outdoor Wall Art

The latest design from Roget James WANDOO is a stunning design inspired by the shape and form of the Australian bush and the Eucalypt family. Timeless and stylish, WG Outdoor Wall Art designs are manufactured right here in Perth from the most durable and sustainable metal to ensure they retain their natural beauty in any weather, indoor or out. For a natural look, corten steel will develop a gorgeous patina during the ageing process, transforming from bright orange tones to a deeper rusted finish. Or for a more polished look, choose powder coated aluminium finished in textured, matte or satin, finished in the custom colour of your choosing.




We recommend choosing a textured, matte or satin finish for outdoor wall art. A glossy finish can reflect sunlight and show marks. For more colour options, please view the colour chart instore.


    • Wall art can be delicate and should be transported flat to avoid any damage during transit. Please discuss installation and delivery requirements with our team to ensure your artwork arrives safely.
    • Mount the screens a few centimetres out from the wall for stunning shadows during the day. You can also add lights for shadows at night.
    • Check the size of your art piece before you buy. Then after using painter’s tape to mark the size on your wall, step back and reflect on how it would suit your space.
    • Lead time approx 4-6 weeks.
    • Powder coated stand-offs are available to purchase and can be powder-coated to match the screen colour. 4 Stand-offs recommended for this piece.




With over 27 years of experience, Perth based artist and designer James Roget has created a folio of works in an array of disciplines, from landscape and interior design to architectural features, product development and artwork. James continually and opportunistically looks at the world for forms, ideas, materials and patterns, casting the net wide for stimulus testing these materials and the ideas against the constraints or challenges of scale, materiality and context of the project.

  • Dimensions + Price
    • 1100 x 1260 mm H  $700
    • 1495 x 1710 mm H  $1150
    • Powder Coated Standoffs (each)  $10
  • Colour
    • Powdercoated Aluminium
    • Steel

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