Pietro Wok Planter Bowl

Our Wok planter bowl with a dish-like shape, is an exquisite addition to elevate both commercial and residential landscaping projects. Crafted from premium Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC), this planter seamlessly combines durability with a sleek aesthetic. Meticulously hand-finished, each piece exudes quality and attention to detail.


The Pietro Wok planters versatile design makes it perfect for showcasing succulents and shrubs, bringing a touch of nature to any hardscape space. With a range of sizes available, from a modest 610mm diameter to a striking 2-meter giant, and an array of colors to choose from, these planters offer endless possibilities for creative expression in outdoor design. Whether adorning an urban storefront or simply enhancing a private garden, these low planter bowls are a testament to both style and substance.



GRC is a blend of long strand fibreglass and concrete applied using a special technique that chops the fibreglass and adds the cement mix at the same time to ensure maximum strength and longevity.



  • Dimensions + Price
    • 610 ø x 150 mm H  $380 - $420
    • 920 ø x 250 mm H  $870 - $955
    • 1210 ø x 300 mm H  $1390 - $1530
    • 1530 ø x 375 mm H  $1750 - $1930
    • 2000 ø x 500 mm H  $3280 - $3600
  • Colour
    • Burnt Umber
    • Raw Slate
    • Aged Bronze
    • Pure White (Surcharge)
    • Black Smooth (Surcharge)
    • Steel Grey (Surcharge)

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