Litestone Mason Outdoor Table

    Solid and sturdy with smooth concrete finish, perfect for outdoor dining whatever the occasion. The Mason concrete outdoor table is made for entertaining, available in 3 sizes – 2.4, 2.7 or 3 metres long, pair it with our outdoor dining chairs or maximise the number of guests with a concrete bench seat (The Rhodes or Nebraska).



    Our Litestone range is made from Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC). GRC will outlast most other outdoor products in the market and is virtually impervious to the elements, promising years of loyal service.


    GRC is a blend of long strand fiberglass and concrete applied using a special technique that chops the fiberglass and adds the cement mix at the same time to ensure maximum strength and longevity.


    Our GRC doesn’t reinforce the layers using steel (which adds additional weight and can rust and expand over time, leading to cracking). Some other concrete products use natural fibres (like jute), which hold moisture and will rot over time.


    The secret is using fibreglass and high quality cement, allowing us to create thinner walls that make each piece much lighter and easier to move without losing any strength. Sealants should be applied on surfaces that get a lot of use, such as table tops and bench seats. You’ll notice slight irregularities like subtle variations in colour, texture and porosity, gentle mottling, curing variance or hairline cracks that appear over time. These make each table unique without affecting its structural integrity.


    • Lightweight, yet strong
    • Raise underneath with our spacers for easier cleaning and reduce water wicking.
    • We recommend sealing concrete table tops with Sure Seal and should be reapplied every 2-3 months, depending on usage.
    • 5mm curing variance with concrete table tops


    For more information about the table and what to expect please read our Table Care Guide.


    Approximate Weight

    2400 x 1000 mm – 143 kgs
    2700 x 1000 mm – 165 kgs
    3000 x 1000 mm – 185 kgs

  • Dimensions + Price
    •  2400 x 1000 x 750 mm H  $1799
    •  2700 x 1000 x 750 mm H  $2199
    •  3000 x 1000 x 750 mm H  $2299
  • Colour
    • Weathered Cement
  • Downloads

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