Planting Essentials – Pot Feet

Mix and match designer urns, bowls, boxes and troughs is the fun bit, but if you want your plants to thrive in them, you need to perfect your potting plan.


For optimal drainage and ventilation, elevate your pots with evenly spaced pot feet to avoid any long term structural damage. Letting pots wallow in trays, saucers or artificial grass is a pot faux pas as it can allow water to be drawn through the pots exterior and lead to premature deterioration. Tuck them in under the planters edge so no one else can see them!


For large pots and rectangular troughs or planter boxes, ensure the middle and outer edges are evenly supported to avoid any long term structural damage.


If you’re looking to reduce the water that’s draining from bottom of your pots, check out our clever water reservoir system, the Mona self-watering tanks.

  • Dimensions + Price
    • 75 x 36 x 10 mm H  $0.50
    • 150 x 100 x 10 mm H  $2.50
  • Colour
    • Black
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